inCyt: Inside the Human Element of Cyber


Organizations need to take a holistic approach to cyber awareness in order to successfully thwart attacks. Since all companies and employees access online systems in some capacity at work every day across many industries, it’s everyone’s responsibility to be aware of basic cyber risks. But how?

Circadence’s newest product, inCyt is a browser-based strategy game that invites players with limited cybersecurity knowledge to compete in cyber-themed battles. Join us for a sneak peak of the product on this webinar to learn how to protect the human element from cyber threats.

Speakers Leann Ryder and Cassie Brubaker will Discuss:

  • Why it is imperative for organizations to include all employees in discussions around cyber safety
  • How to incorporate cyber safety into the fabric of company culture
  • How inCyt brings us back to the basics of cyber and empowering the human element

What You'll Learn

  • How to use inCyt to gain a foundational understanding of the "how's and why's" of cyber attacks
  • How inCyt helps players handle threats that accompany remote work, social media, password security, and other digital activities
  • How inCyt can help safeguard your computer's sensitive assets by teaching cyber best practices

Who Should Attend?

  • HR professionals, risk and compliance managers, and those looking to increase their organization's cyber awareness

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Leeann Ryder

Product Marketing Director at Circadence

Leeann Ryder, Director of Product Marketing here at Circadence, is a Colorado-based marketing leader focused on innovative cyber security learning solutions. She has rich experience in the technology field having supported customers around the world to improve operational decision making based on patterns and insights in big data through solutions in video security, emergency management operations, and cyber threat intelligence.


Cassie Brubaker

Co-Creative Director of inCyt at Circadence

Cassie is the Creative Director on inCyt and has co-directed the vision and product implementation since its inception in 2017. In addition to team leadership, Cassie has been the primary gameplay designer and a direct implementer on the team. Previously, Cassie held Creative Director positions at companies like Sphero and LEGO where she pioneered new ways to inspire people and teach complex concepts using creativity, fun, and human connection. 

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