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The Importance of Gamification In Cybersecurity Training


Addressing Challenges in Cybersecurity Training

In recent years, gamification has become a buzz word in education, training and business marketing, but true gamification has tremendous opportunity to revolutionize the speed, efficacy, and relevancy of training in the quickly evolving cybersecurity landscape.

This white paper discusses how gamification can address challenges with current cybersecurity training methods including:

  • SCALABILITY - Lack of qualified instructors and adversaries.
  • HIGH COSTS - Prohibitive cost of cyber instructors and physical infrastructure. 
  • SKILLS RETENTION - Lack of continuous post-training practice environments.
  • THREAT SOURCING - Impossible to represent most current threats in curriculums.
  • AVAILABILITY - Current solutions have finite availability due to limiting factors like instructors, funding, and facilities.

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Gamify Your Cybersecurity Training