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Let’s Lunch…and Learn!   

Microsofand Circadence are hosting a series of luncheons across the country. These exclusive events are designed to help you better secure your company assets and upskill your cyber teams. 


Through an Adaptive, Gamified Learning Environment 

Today’s cybersecurity landscape is downright dynamic.
Imminent threats. New vulnerabilities. Daily breaches.
Fortunately, what appears to be a never-ending cycle of imminent attacks is offset by unique innovations and partnerships dedicated to solving the biggest cybersecurity challenges of our time.

Circadence’s cyber learning platform Project Ares®, available on the Azure Intelligent Cloud, takes cyber learning to new heights.  It enables organizations to train and test cyber competencies in realistic digital battle rooms and mission games—all within a computationally elastic and scalable cloud environment, available 24/7. This immersive cyber range learning empowers professionals to better protect today’s companies from tomorrow’s threats. In short, it helps professionals be wise about cybersecurity.  

 What You Will Learn

  • How cloud-based cyber range environments support skill development
  • New cyber scenarios to teach and test cyber professionals’ competencies  
  • Why gamified, continuous-learning approaches resonate with today’s professional 
  • How performance monitoring and player assessment strengthens overall security posture  


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