Circadence at Virginia Cyber Edu Con 2020

July 27-28, 2020


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Learn how hands-on cyber range learning can support cyber educators!

Circadence is dedicated to helping high school and higher education teachers and professors improve cyber courses by offering a hands-on cyber range learning tool called Project Ares.

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Resources For Teaching Cyber Security

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Speaking Session: To Buy or To Build a Cyber Range – That is the Question!

Recording from live speaking session.

Josh Selfe

VP of Strategic Innovation, Circadence

Distance learning is likely here to stay yet today’s cyber educators still need to find ways to meaningfully connect with their students during these socially-distant times. Cyber educators can effectively enrich student remote learning with hands-on cyber ranges. To actualize these goals to create immersive, engaging learning environments,  educators must decide whether to build or buy a cyber range—yet it can be a significant decision to weigh by yourself.  
Josh will provide context to those grappling with this decision and share:  

  • The components of a cyber range, including, infrastructure and content requirements    
  • Experiences speaking with educators about their challenges teaching  
  • New innovations with cyber ranges “as a service” and benefits  

You will leave this session understanding the value of hands-on learning with cyber ranges and the type of financial and human investment needed to buy or build a cyber range. 


Featured Speaker:
Josh Selfe

VP of Strategic Innovation, Circadence

"Buy or Build a Cyber Range"


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Circadence Corporation is a market leader in next-generation cyber security readiness. Powered by a culture of innovation and the demands of an evolving cyber landscape, Circadence offers award-winning cyber range solutions and cyber security learning platforms, running on Microsoft Azure, that leverage artificial intelligence and custom content to address critical security challenges for enterprise, government and academic institutions. Circadence's solutions deliver persistent, immersive and true-to-life experiences that match and adapt to contemporary threat environments. For more information, visit 



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